April 1, 2023



Fitness Equipment Free Weight – Bumper Plates

Fitness Equipment Free Weight – Bumper Plates. Having exercise equipment at home is arguably one...

Fitness Equipment Free Weight – Bumper Plates. Having exercise equipment at home is arguably one of the best investments for your health. With their own fitness equipment at home, you can exercise more freely and naturally in terms of time.

Just imagine the level of congestion in big cities. How much time do you need to drive to the location of the fitness center (Commercial Gym)?

Overcome traffic jams, look for parking (if your gym is at the mall), change clothes in a locker, and others.

When calculated, you might need about 2 hours. Staying multiplied by two, because they have to calculate the time to go home after completion of the gym.

Therefore, having exercise equipment at home (Home Gym) can save quite a lot of your time.

Another reason is the discomfort factor in exercising at a commercial gym.

Maybe many of you get unpleasant behavior, or the judgment you get when you practice is a little different from others.

Of course, there are still many other reasons that make you take into account making exercise equipment at home.

Fitness equipment is generally divided into two parts, namely free weight fitness equipment and bodyweight training station.

What are the types of fitness equipment? Here are the reviews:

Freeweight Fitness Equipment


Freeweight is a tool that is in the form of a load and is easy to carry and move.

Exercises using a free-weight fitness tool have a number of advantages, among others.

  •         High efficiency because it can be used for so many variations of training.
  •         The amount of calories burned is far greater.
  •         Increase physical strength effectively.
  •         Easy to carry and put anywhere.

The following are some of the types of gym fitness equipment that are classified in the free weight category:

  1.       Dumbbell – One of the most popular basic fitness devices.

Dumbell itself is a device consisting of 2 pieces of load connected by a fairly short iron bar.
In addition, dumbbells are also very easy to find in almost every gym we visit and vary in size according to weight.
Because its use is easy and does not require a large space, then dumbbell is considered as the most practical tool.
In addition, dumbbells can also be a means to do a variety of infinite fitness movements.

  1.       Bumper Plate is a weight plate that is made of almost all rubber components.

Although sometimes using iron, but a very little portion. The best bumper plates are much safer for the floor than rubber plates or steel plates.
Bumper Plate is usually used for Olympic Lifting, or movements that require barbells to be slammed frequently, usually some people use it for Deadlift training.
Generally the Diameter for Olympic Standard or standard competition, which is 45cm.


  1.       Medicine ball – Medicine ball or a fitness ball is an elastic rubber ball with a diameter that is approximately as wide as an adult’s shoulder and is generally used for exercises that are not too heavy, which is when doing rehabilitation and recovery of muscles after an injury. This fitness tool is also sometimes used in schools in sports learning rooms for children.

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